The Story of La Favela

Rio De Janeiro, 1966. Picture a place bursting with passion. A restaurant by day and club by night, where the city’s extravagants come together to celebrate freedom, love, laughter, dance, music, soul food, wine and every other pleasure under the sun. One evening, a wandering Rio resident in search of a good time, entered this place. His sense of time and reality became secondary. One thing mattered: celebrating life by collecting memories. Wild, fantastic memories that would inspire people all over the world, for decades to come. 
Did this magical place exist? Maybe. Maybe not. But we believe in the magic of fairy tales every now and then.Once upon a time, in a dream, we envisioned this restaurant and club. A place beyond fantasy, where the most extraordinarily colourful people would feel at home. Their lust for life was what brought the restaurant’s diners and the late night dancers together.
And so, the vision that appeared to us in a dream is now becoming a reality. Over the last few months, we traveled the world to collect what we consider to be La-Favela-Legacy items. Every object in our emporium has a history and story to tell. We've put all of our wild dreams into a new-retro restaurant and club: La Favela, located on Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 28.
Curious? Just hang in tight… This summer, we will invite you to celebrate the things in life that sparkle. In a few weeks, we will welcome you to enjoy soul food, drinks, some cozy wild parties & more.
Because, isn't life like ice cream? It’s more delicious before it melts.
Viva a boa vida!
Á sua saúde.




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